Masters in Business Administration

42 Credits

The program offers an outstanding curriculum which prepares students to effectively and efficiently assume management and leadership responsibilities required by today’s organizations. The expectations for specialization areas within the program is to facilitate and support higher education that integrates theory with practice of management and strategic leadership practices as they relate to the global business world.

The specialization in Management and Strategic Leadership will assist students in making adequate informed cutting edge decisions that lead into globalization practices and its challenging economy. Students will have the opportunity to utilize the current technology at different management and leadership positions to impact the decision making process. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about new technical tools that affect the local and global economy and influence the behavior of human resources and industries.

The academic experience in the program allows students to develop the necessary competencies in the area of Business Administration which will enable them to assume managerial and leadership positions in the public and private sectors in the area of human resources. The program also contributes to the student’s formation as persons who are educated and skilled, capable of meeting personal and professional goals, and able and willing to assume social responsibility.

Program Objectives/ Outcomes:

The program will provide students with:

  • Advanced concepts in the different management areas, such as: management, leadership, accounting, marketing, production, statistics, finance, organizational behavior, technology, management information systems, and web business administration which help the graduate with performance in administrative positions.
  • Skills in decision-making, planning, organization, supervision and managerial controls.
  • Conceptual, psychomotor and affective skills, related with the new managerial technology.
  • Written and verbal skills in the area of specialization.
  • Opportunities to develop attitudes, work habits and skills for interpersonal relations which guarantee personal and professional success skills in the research process and in the solution of the administrative challenges of a global economy.
  • Opportunities to communicate adequately in English and Spanish both orally and in writing.
  • Team building skills as they relate to the success of the business institution.
  • Practices for the business professional in developing and implementing a strategic vision aligned to the social responsibility of the institution.
  • Opportunities to develop as a visionary executive who understands organizations as individual entities and as part of the greater community that considers national and international prospective.

ACCO 500-O Accounting Survey

MANA 501-O Organizational Behavior

ACCO 503-O Managerial and Financial Accounting

STAT 555-O Statistics for Managerial Decision Making

MARK 511-O Marketing Management

ECON 519-O Managerial Economics

FINA 503-O Corporate Finance I

MANA 720-O Operations and Production Management

MANA 600-O Business Policy and Ethics

STGM 600-O Leadership and Entrepreneurial Vision

STGM 601-O Strategic Management

STGM 602-O Technological Applications and Information Systems

STGM 603-O Entrepreneurial Communication

BUSG 655-O Integration Seminar

Select 1 course from those not selected from the list above

STGM 604-O Organizations and Global Economy

PRMG 530-O Project Management I: Introduction to Project Management

PRMG 640-O Project Management II: Project Planning

STGM 608-O Strategies for Change, Professional, and Entrepreneurial Development

6 Workshops